Upton Smokery

Upton Smokery is one of the Cotswold’s little gems; a treasure trove of top notch food and drink, situated between two of the Cotswolds’ other gems; Burford and Bibury. As the name suggests the core range of their products are smoked, including some mighty fine salmon and trout as well as duck and chicken. With their ever expanding range of products we recommend you get on down and to check it out pronto.

One of our favourite ingredients from Upton Smokery is their smoked garlic which as well as tasting totally awesome and packs a punch of some intensely smokey flavour to your dish, it will give your kitchen a truly amazing fragrance – a cooks ‘pot-pourri’ if you like. It goes with an array of dishes giving them all a different dimension to the standard garlic.

The farm shop is stocked up with a good range of seasonal fresh produce - some of which comes from their own fields. There’s also a freezer full of game, a good selection of local and worldwide cheeses, a wine corner and as well as a whole bunch of other stuff to tempt your taste buds, including ‘Bullshot’.

Bullshot Sauce

I first discovered Bullshot Sauce at the Witney Festival of Food and Drink a few weeks back, when I had it mixed with tomato juice. With a base of vinegar and using ingredients such as sherry, cayenne, anchovies and Upton Smokery smoked salt and pepper this sauce is packed to the rafters with flavours. I used it the other night to add a little something to a basic tomato pasta sauce and it immediately gave it a boost. The sherry pulled through and worked really well with the tomatoes and the cayenne provided a bit of background heat. I have also used it, with great success, to marinate steaks and next time I’m in need of a hair of the dog, Bullshot will be coming out of the cupboard to add a bit of bite to my Bloody Mary. Definitely another product to add to your shopping basket.

Wood burning pizza oven

One final thing to tell you about is Upton Smokery’s most recent toy – their new trailer with a wood burning pizza oven. Open only at the weekend at the moment, you can enjoy a pizza decorated with your choice of their own smoked ingredients. I chose Italian salami and olives and what a mighty fine pizza it made. The base was thin and crispy and had the flavour only a wood burning pizza oven can give. The satisfying base then gave way to the fun stringiness of the cheese before the salami and olives sent me back to memories of holidays in Italy.

The hearty hello, welcoming feel and delicious offerings make Upton Smokery, in our opinion, one of the best farm shops in the area. Well worth a visit if you’re passing by or you’re making a special trip just to see them.

Check out Upton Smokery’s website to see their full product range. 

15 June 2014