One of our favourite places to visit in the Cotswolds is Upton Smokery, who headed up by Chris Mills is producing some of the tastiest smoked produce we've ever had the pleasure of coming across. Here's what Chris had to share about what's happening at US.

In three words describe your business
Non-stop work and/or seriously good food

What do you love most about the Cotswolds?
Beautiful countryside, great diversity of people and it’s been home for 48 years

What/who inspired you to start up your business?
My friend Archie who has the Swan at Swinbrook and Kings Head at Bledington. He forced my hand and it seemed a good idea at the time.

What's your favourite product in your range?
The smoked potted shrimps have been my finest invention – I have people addicted to them!

How do you go about sourcing your ingredients?
With care. Price and quality are uncomfortable bed mates but you can not make good products from poor raw materials – something supermarkets have never learned.

What's your top kitchen tip?
As with life, cooking is all about balance . Good food is all about balance of flavours and sublime combinations.

When you're not creating delicious smoked produce what do you like to get up to?
Salmon fishing is my passion, fine wine is my vice!

What's been your favourite food/drink experience in the Cotswolds?

Opening our shop and getting such amazing feedback from our customers.

Who would be your ideal four dinner guests?

My wife, Vix, son, Ben, daughter, Hannah, and me is as ideal as it can get…..but Clint Eastwood would be pretty cool!

What exciting things do you have planned for this year for your business?
Starting the development of Upton Downs Farm to form a rural food production hub made up of interesting and diverse producers which will make the farm a real food destination.

Want to find out more about Upton Smokery, have a read of our review of our recent visit to Chris and the team last month.