Swanning around in Broadway - Cotswolds

Friendly staff and tasty food make the The Swan an excellent choice for a bite to eat on a Cotswold day out. Broadway is one of the popular tourist pulling villages in the Cotswolds. The main thoroughfare in Broadway is lined with large Cotswold stone buildings with a few smaller cottages in between. With its quintessential Cotswold feel, Broadway is a great place to visit, though I imagine in peak summer it would get pretty busy. The Swan Hotel is at the bottom of the main part of the village.

Inside the pub there is a traditional yet modern finish with a number of rooms creating a few slightly more intimate spaces. There’s a lot of choices on the menu, with most things looking pretty tasty. I really like the idea of their sharing Sunday lunches; for about £12 per person, their Sunday roasts are served family style on a platter (mound) in the middle of the table.

There is a selection of surf and turf dishes including a pork belly and scallop dish that sounded nice. Though that said I was slightly unsure on the fillet steak and lobster tail, surely you only need one star ingredient on the plate. And I’m pretty sure that a lobster tail and béarnaise sauce as a side to a burger is a little much.

However, a burger without the lobster tail side was my choice for the day, and the other three diners were sold by the beer battered haddock, chips and Aspalls malt vinegar.

With regards to drinks, due to most of us having possibly had a couple too many Babychams the night before, soft drinks were the predominant choice on the table. There was a good selection of soft drinks on the menu, plus a whole menu dedicated to fruit juice cocktails targeting adults. I however, having been running around Battersea Park the night before deserved a beer. If you’re a lager drinker there’s plenty of choice, plus there are a couple of ales on tap, Doom Bar helped quench my first.

The burger was tasty and everything a good burger should be, succulent beef an alright bread role and enough chips to satisfy a hungry chap like me. Luckily, after I finished my burger I had just enough room to test my wife’s beer battered haddock. The fish tasted good and the batter was nice and crispy right through to the last mouthful.

After having stuffed myself with the burger and a bit of the fish I decided I just about had room for homemade cookies and ice cream. The cookie was all good, and you just can’t go wrong with ice cream; especially when it was the tricolore of Neopolitan.

All in all, the Swan is a good pub restaurant serving well cooked food. A good choice if you’re having a day out in the Broadway area of the Cotswolds.

You can find their contact details and whole lot more about The Swan on their website.

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