Suwanna Thai - Witney

A bit of the break from the normal places I review, but I thought Thai restaurant Suwanna in Witney deserved a write up for both its tasty food and friendly service. The lady serving us, who I was told was Suwanna herself was welcoming and efficient. She glided round the table firstly for drinks and then once we had all settled in and started drinking our bottles of Chaing (Thai beer) came round to take our food order.

As I chose my dishes the waitress could see me ‘ummming and rrrrring’ a little, somehow she knew what I wanted and was able to help me decide just by reassuring nods of the head. Without having eaten a thing I already felt that the food I was going to be eating, would be all good.

I like spicy food so I opted for a couple of the three chilli rated options. For my starter I went for Pet Pet Chicken Wings more commonly known as number ‘2a’ and for main number ‘59’ otherwise known as Pad Cha.

A good size starter portion of chicken wings came my way. Nice and crispy with a heat that grew and developed as I tucked into them. The humble chicken wing has to be up there in my favourite comfort foods. As I picked up the little spiced crispy remnants on my plate I hoped a magic chicken wing fairy would bring more to my plate.

With enticing aromas and strips of beef covered in a sweet and spicy gravy I was more than ready to dive in to my Pad Cha. The slices of beef were tender and the cauliflower and other vegetables were well cooked. Cauliflower is a fantastic vegetable for spicy food as it does such a good job of transporting the flavours to your mouth. Portion size was good, with the all important ratio of main dish to rice being aligned. Number ‘59’ contained good amounts of garlic, ginger and the all important chilli, it tasted fresh with a hotness that complimented the accompanying flavours.

I also tried some of Mrs Richinflavour's Pad Khing which was a ginger and garlic chicken dish (number 54). She enjoyed it and I happily mopped up the few morsels she couldn't quite manage. Plus, I also enjoyed a taste of a red curry that was sweet, creamy and spicy. All in all the meals I tasted were fresh tasting and did the necessary sweet spicy balance thing good Thai food does.

I' m happy to have finally eaten in Suwanna, it’s now on my list of places I like to eat at in Witney and I recommend it if you’re looking for Asian inspired cuisine.