Reddy brilliant coleslaw and dry rub chicken 

Beetroot as well as tasting good is also pretty healthy. I’ve been buying a fair amount of it recently so I’ve been trying to mix it up and use it in a number different ways. It works wonders in coleslaw and I like to add the apple to this recipe to add a bit of tart sweetness. The beetroot juice is a bonus for the coleslaw it adds a bit more depth of flavour and colour, but isn’t necessarily necessary.

The chicken is nice and simple, by using a dry rub you get a nice and crispy skin. The key ingredient for the rub has to be the smoked garlic powder, I discovered it about 6 months ago whilst strolling around a supermarket.

The chicken and coleslaw go really well together, especially when served with some oven fries and a bit of green salad. Hopefully you’ll agree that this is a nice healthy way to bring chicken and chips back to your table.


Couple of chicken legs.
For the rub: 3 tbsp cornflour, 1tbsp smoked garlic powder, 1 tbsp sweet paprika, 1 tbsp dried rosemary, salt and pepper.
Coleslaw vegetables: 1 red onion, quarter of red cabbage, 1 beetroot, 2 carrots, 1 apple.
Coleslaw sauce: 2 tbsp mayonnaise, 4 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp red wine vinegar, 2 tbsp maple syrup, 4 tbsp beetroot juice, 1 tsp mustard, salt and pepper.

Here’s how

  1. Place chicken in a bowl and chuck in all the rub ingredients, then rub the dried mix into the skin.
  2. Put the chicken on a lightly greased baking tray and place in a preheated oven at 190 degrees for 25 minutes. At about half way through cooking, trickle a little bit of oil over the skin if it looks dry.
  3. Add all coleslaw sauce ingredients into a bowl and whisk until they’re all combined.
  4. Grate or finely chop all the vegetables and add them to the bowl. When you add the apple max sure you cover in the sauce to prevent it from going brown.
  5. Leave the coleslaw for a minimum of 15 minutes to let flavours combine.
  6. To serve cut through the joint of the leg with a sharp knife and then enjoy.

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