British Pie Week pie taste test

In honour of British Pie Week (3rd - 9th March) we decided to put five British pies to the test. We were judging them on the pastry, filling and overall pie-ey goodness experience. The selection of chicken and ham pies included pastry delights from Pieminister, Huffkins Bakery, Broadway Deli, Bakers Butchers and Waitrose, and here are the results...

Winner: Broadway Deli, Broadway - £1.95

The pastry is what won it for the Broadway Deli pie. The generous pastry was well seasoned and offered an indulgent buttery flavour. The juicy chunks of chicken that adorned the inside were tender and delicious. Despite the pie missing a sauce it didn't detract from the deliciousness experienced with every mouthful. All in all it's a pie that you could enjoy all year round - light enough to savour on a summer's day, yet hearty enough to warm your cockles on a cold winters day. In conclusion the most perfick pie and with the most appealing price tag - what more could you want.

Second place: Huffkins Bakery, Witney -

The Huffkins Bakery pie was a very close second and could have very easily taken the first spot. The pastry was lighter then it's Broadway counterpart, more of a puff pastry then shortcrust. The filling was packed full of chicken and ham and as an added bonus boasted generous pieces of mushroom. The sauce had a smokey taste to it which worked well with the added mustard seasoning. Overall a fab pie. 

Third place: Pieminister Pies - £3.50

It's hard to go wrong with a Pieminister Pie. We've long enjoyed a cheeky Heidi Pie or a Moo Pie for a quick and tasty lunch and the Free Ranger pie we tested for this taste test was equally as scrumptious. The thin layer of pastry encased a delicious filling of succulent chicken and ham pieces and the surrounding sauce took you to a place that normally only a roaring fire can do. So why didn't it make it to first or even second place, well it was simply that it just didn't have enough pieces of chicken to pip the other two into prime position. As the most expensive pie on our board there was an expectation for an indulgent amount of filling which we just didn't get.

Fourth place: Waitrose - £3.15

The Waitrose pie was described by the judges as 'pleasant enough'. It ticked all the boxes; nice pastry, good filling, decent sized chunks of chicken and ham and a nice sauce - but it couldn't quite bring home the satisfying taste experience that the pies above it could. It was simply, nice.

Fifth place: Bakers Butchers, Witney - £2.50

Now don't get me wrong the pie from Bakers was a decent enough pie. Although the pastry had a good bite to it, of the five pies we tested this felt most like a school dinners pie - the filling was a tad gloopy making it rather heavy to eat. 

Now we should mention Higgidy Pies - unfortunately we weren't able to access a Higgidy on the day to add to our pie selection, but having devoured a couple at The Big Feastival last year I can categorical state that they one tasty pastry treat and I'd imagine they'd have come pretty high on the scoreboard.