Old school house turned pie heaven

In Robin Hood country just outside the National Trust property of Clumber Park sits an unassuming old school house. Now a tea shop the old school house keeps its traditional school feel with specials and desserts chalked on to an old classroom style black board.

As well as the black boards the toilets are their original child like height and the cisterns are the classic pull chains I remember from my school days.

Childhood memories (though not necessarily school) include a comprehensive selection of Tetley tea pots and the old Tetley characters (this is where the Gaffer and Sydney must have retired). To go with the selection of tea history there is also a wine list like menu of tea.

With the flow of local retirees and cyclists on their jaunts around this picturesque area of England the flow of tea works a treat.

The star of the show however has to be the pies. There is a good selection of savoury and sweet options and they are all homemade. I chose the steak ale number, my wife had a chicken and mushroom pie and her granny and friend had their usuals, fish pie and a tasty toasty respectively.

As I tuck into my pie I feel like I am being wrapped in a soft blanket as everything about this meal screams – comfort food. All pies are served with the standard veg and boiled potatoes or a fresh green salad. There’s nothing fancy about the plate, it’s just classic English grub.

Back to the blackboard there are no lines here; just plenty of classic puddings including a plethora of fruit pies and a selection of treats like sticky toffee pudding. All of the puddings get served with a choice of cream, ice cream or my personal favourite; a bucket load of custard. The perfect sugar and carb loading for the stretch back home if you’re on a bike.

If you’re in the Worksop area visiting the National Trust’s Clumber Park or cycling around the Nottinghamshire countryside I recommend this great little place for lunch or afternoon tea. The Old School House is one of those hidden gems, you won’t be blown away by fancy flavours, you’ll just be bowled over by traditional British pies and primary school flash backs.

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