Nourish Kitchen

Richinflavour's Cotswold Local Producer for February 2014

Nourish Foods are a supplier of delicious, indulgent, nutritious food, with scrumptious recipes which are gluten and dairy free. Nourish Kitchen is all the proof you need that good wholesome, healthy food can still be tasty. We spoke to Amanda, who heads up Nourish Kitchen to find out more about her business...

1. In three words describe Nourish Kitchen
Indulgence without compromise.

2. What do you love most about the Cotswolds?
Beautiful countryside & friendly people.

3. What/who inspired you to start up Nourish Kitchen?
Passion for healthy “real food” and unprocessed options for those with food intolerances.

4. What's your favourite product within your range?
Raw desserts, particularly a Raw Chocolate Orange Torte.

5. How do you go about sourcing your ingredients?
Local fruit & vegetables, and suppliers where possible, then best quality for pure ingredients i.e. nuts, raw cacao powder etc.

6. What's your top kitchen tip?
Keep some banana slices frozen, great for smoothies or making quick dairy free ice-cream.

7. When you're not creating delicious healthy treats what do you like to get up to?
Spending time with my husband and 5 year old daughter, running, walking the dog & doing Nourish research around the country.

8. What's been your favourite food/drink experience in the Cotswolds?
Wholefood Market in Cheltenham, and Wild Thyme in Chipping Norton – fantastic food and extremely accommodating with gluten & dairy free options.

9. Who would be your ideal four dinner guests?

Dale Pinnock – The Medicinal Chef (an inspiration)
Jamie Oliver – for his passion for change and improving food
Director of the NHS – to encourage them to take action to provide healthy nutritious food in hospitals
Duncan Bannatyne – to encourage him to adopt healthy & nutritious food in his health clubs

I think we would have lots of interesting over the dinner table discussions ;-)

10. What exciting things do you have planned for Nourish Kitchen over the year?
Leading workshops on healthy gluten & dairy free living Healthy snack development for niche sectors and consultancy to help those with eating plans & recipes
and much more…….