Sunday lunch at the Carpenter’s Arms

Fulbrook - Cotswolds

The Carpenter’s Arms serves an excellent Sunday roast that is sure to send you away happy. I’m not normally one to have the same meal on specific days of the week. The Sunday roast however is most definitely a tradition/habit I don’t want to kick. Now I love making Sunday roasts, getting potatoes lovely and crispy, rising the Yorkshire puddings and eating the first chunks of the roasted joint as the carvers’ rights.

The critical thing when I go out for Sunday lunch is that I feel the kitchen, as well as using their superior skills, has prepared the roast they are going to serve me with the same care and attention I would serve at home. I’m happy to report the Carpenter’s Arms Sunday roast came to the table looking like it had been given all the care and attention it deserved.

The roast beef came thinly sliced and to our requested medium rare, with a towering Yorkshire pudding that added the wow factor only a good yorky can. The roasted loin of pork looked equally well cooked and came from Kelmscott Country Pork which is great to see (it also came with a Yorkshire pudding, which made my wife happy). The vegetables were all well cooked, carrots not too soft and the cabbage served in a light creamy bacon sauce and importantly crispy potatoes rounded off the main course.

Starters were also good, I had a good sized plate of Whitebait with a nice alioli and the Parma ham, goats cheese, and beetroot dish was also a popular choice on our table. For afters though, I have to give the warm chocolate fudge cake a massive thumbs up. It was the perfect balance of being indulgent and rich, yet light, moreish and so easy to eat. If I could guarantee all deserts were like this I would plump for the sweet rather than the cheese board more often.

The Carpenter’s Arms is in a small village called Fulbrook, a stone’s throw away from the popular Cotswold town of Burford. The Carpenter’s Arms is easy to find in a central location on the main road.

I’ll definitely being going back to the Carpenter’s Arms for a Sunday lunch, next time I go though, I’ll be going on a weekday or Saturday to get involved with their pizza menu.

Here’s a link to the Carpenter’s Arms website and they can be followed on twitter @CarpentersPub.

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