There were 5 bottled beers and if one should accidentally got drunk – there’d be...

Bottled ale taste test

We put five bottled beers up against each other through a rigorous testing process – well we drank them.

Winner – Wild Hare (Organic)
Bath Ales – 5.0% - £2.08

Great balance of hops and barley, neither seems to overpower and you get the distinct flavours of both these key elements. Can’t think of a downside to Wild Hare and will continue to buy regularly.

Joint Runner up – Citra
Oakham – 4.6% - £2.09

If you like a serious amount of hops, then this beer will make you happy. According to the label it was the first beer to use citra hops commercially. The crisp citrus flavour would be ideal served cold on a hot summer’s day.

Joint Runner up – Oxford Gold
Brakspear (Marstons) – 4.6% - £1.98

Another good beer and on its day may have been the winner. It’s full of hops and barley, though slightly less sparkly than the Wild Hare. Good all round English beer that will be going into my shopping trolley.

Organic Barbus Barbus
Butts – 4.6% - £2.49

Not sure where to start with this one. I like its powerful hoppy taste though it does taste fairly strong alcohol wise. Note: you do have to be careful when pouring as it is a bottle conditioned ale. If you’re into fishing, 5p from every bottle goes to the Wild Trout Trust. Barbus Barbus may have moved up the standings if it was a similar price to others tested.

T.E.A (Traditional English Ale)
Hogs Back Brewing Company – 4.2% - £1.99

This is an alright beer, it lacks some of the flavour punch in other tested beers. I think the label possibly oversells this beer and raised my expectations too much. It’s probably not the first beer I would choose but I would drink it again.

If your trying to find these beers they were purchased in my local Waitrose in April 2013 (prices will probably have gone up).

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