Beef short ribs with horseradish dumplings

Beef short ribs are one of the best value and tasting beef cuts. This recipe is nice and easy to prepare though it does have a bit of a lengthy cooking time. Don’t let this put you off as the flavour is well worth the wait. Plus the end result also looks pretty cool when you serve it on the bone. The other added bonus to this recipe is that you will also create a flavour packed tomato soup – 2 for 1 at its best.

I don’t often see short ribs in the supermarket but they are pretty much always available at my local butchers. When choosing your ribs try and go for the slightly chunkier numbers. The horseradish dumplings are a standard recipe, whereby you use half butter to self raising flour, with addition of some horseradish cream.


Short Ribs - Dependent on the size – 1-2 short ribs per person (butcher will advise), rape seed oil, tin tomatoes, 1 large onion, 2-3 carrots, 5-6 cloves of garlic, leek, 12 sun dried tomatoes, handful of dried mushrooms, 1-2 tsp sweet paprika, 2 tsp dark brown soft sugar, salt & pepper, water.
Dumplings – 70g self raising, 35g butter, 1-2 tsp horseradish cream, salt & pepper, water.

What to do

  1. Brown the beef ribs in a casserole dish with a touch of oil.
  2. Once the ribs are brown, turn the heat down and add in the chopped onion with a pinch of salt. If necessary add a splash of water to help deglaze the pan.
  3. Once all the meaty bits are off the side of the pan, add in the chopped carrots, leek and garlic.
  4. Once the vegetables have slightly softened (4-5mins) add the tin of tomatoes, the sun dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, paprika, and the dark brown soft sugar.
  5. Put the ribs back into the casserole dish, add enough water to just cover.
  6. Place a lid on the casserole dish and put it into a preheated oven (150 degree C) for three hours.
  7. Leave the kitchen and do something else – though every so often just give it a stir.

3hrs later

  1. To prepare the dumplings, take the butter straight from the fridge and chop into small chunks (some people grate the butter).
  2. In a bowl rub the butter and flour together.
  3. Once combined to a breadcrumb consistency add the horseradish, season and add a little bit of water.
  4. Don’t work the dough to much, once it has combined make into small balls (2-3cms across).
  5. Take the ribs out of the casserole dish, wrap in tin foil and place in a warm area. Turn the temperature of the oven up to 180 degrees C.
  6. Using a stick blender, blend the rest of the mixture until smooth. If your stick blender has a speed option it’s worth putting on a slowish setting to prevent splashes.
  7. Remove about half of the mixture (Here’s your tomato soup) and place the dumplings gently on the surface of the remaining mixture in the casserole dish. Put casserole back into the oven without the lid on.
  8. The dumplings should double in size whilst in the oven.
  9. Serve the super tender beef short ribs with the dumplings and the beef infused tomato sauce with some boiled rice.

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